HOLLY JOLLY HIDEAWAY Decoupage Decor Tissue Paper Redesign with Prima Fast Shipping

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HOLLY JOLLY HIDEAWAY Decoupage Decor Tissue Paper Redesign with Prima Fast Shipping

Decoupage paper by Redesign with Prima is easy to use. They are highly detailed and exceptionally beautiful. They can be used on so many surfaces. Walls, furniture, wood, glass, mirror, ceramic and more. Let your creativity flow.... You are only limited by your own imagination.

A delicate tissue paper, perfect for decoupage, decor and mixed media. Use with soft gloss gel or other transferring mediums. Works on most surfaces. Seal with a water-based sealant for better results.


Unwrap the fun and spread some holiday cheer with these unique Holly Jolly Hideaway tissue decoupage papers for furniture! Our limited-edition 3-pack features tissue decoupage papers with three distinct designs - all guaranteed to bring the joy of Christmas to your furniture! From the repeating pattern of Christmas trees and "Merry Christmas" to the postcard design of Victorian Santa and his reindeer, or the mix of vintage postcards and greeting cards, these decoupage papers will certainly raise a jolly to your decor! Ho, Ho, Ho!


ReDesign with Prima's tissue paper is similar to that of a dryer sheet. The tiny pores allow air through, so it can be moved and realigned while working on your project! Tissue decoupage paper is thicker than rice paper which makes it more resistant to tear, and allows for a more vibrant finish.


This pack contains 3 tissue decoupage papers, each with a different design. These sheets measure 30 x 19 inches and arrive folded flat. 


***Limited Time Only: Snag this exclusive product before it's gone! Once it's sold out, it will be retired, and we won't be able to restock it.